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Summer 2020:


Through the years, we've made many friends who visit our booth at the Farmers Market each summer. Being part of your island tradition is such a joy for us! The Orcas Island Farmer's Market is currently open, but with minimized hours (10am - 1pm) and capacity.


Bossy's Feltworks has made the difficult decision to not participate in the 2020 farmer's market. We realize many  of you are having to forego your summer traditions too, and we want you to know that we miss you and look forward to seeing you again! 

Also on Orcas Island, you can find a limited selection of Bossy's product at Darvill's Bookstore and the farm stand at Lum Farm

The Orcas Island Artisans Faire

The Artistans fair for 2020 has been cancelled. This annual event has been a Bossy's Feltworks staple for over a decade, and, like the farmer's market, it feels both disappointing and like the right thing to do. We will focus on our online shop, and also explore options for island shoppers to come in-person (we will let you know here).

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