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Bossy Family Update

Updated: May 26, 2020

Here's an update on what's going on for the Bossy Feltworks families, told via some of the lessons that we as a society are learning during quarantine.

Lesson #1:

Local food (especially on an island) is imperative, and farmers are a vital part of our community's health and resilience.

Amy, Eric, Martha and Rachel have been kept hopping at the homestead, running the farm stand (online orders only), and welcoming many new babies (calves, lambs, goats, chicks!). All that and hay season has just begun! Bossy Kid Martha is graduating from high school this month, looking forward to attending WSU, which has (thus far) committed to welcoming students on campus in the Fall. Bossy Kid Rachel is easing quarantine hours by hiking Turtleback mountain nearly daily. Visit the Lum Farm website for updates on farm stand inventory and hours, and for lots of darling photos!

Lesson #2:

Our teachers work HARD, and aren't paid nearly enough!

Many a newly homeschooling parent has newfound admiration for those who choose to not only sequester themselves in a room with a large group of our children, but endeavor to teach them as well! Kari has spearheaded the online program for Salmonberry School, where she teaches 4th-7th graders in a multi-age classroom. She's also on the flip-side of that coin, being an online student herself as she completes her teaching certificate. Kari is NOT one of those people for whom quarantine has meant empty hours. Bossy Kid Margot has plans to head to the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts this Fall. Not sure what is in store for NYC in the coming months, so we're all holding our breath.

Lesson #3:

During times of crisis, arts are what keep us sane.

How many of us have been buoyed by an online concert, found solace in the perfect poem, or pulled out near-forgotten paintbrushes and created some art of our own? Mandy has continued to find outlets for her music, even though her trio Raising Hazel has had to cancel many a show. She's been sending out her own little musical beacons, offering videos online for preschoolers with whom she normally sings in island schools. Bossy Kid Molly has taken to online school quite industriously, and is finishing up her junior year of high school. Bossy Kid Lucy is closing out 7th grade (with Kari as her beloved teacher!) and has found some joy in fostering a couple of bottle-fed goats from the Lum Farm.

And so we will close with a song for you -- Mandy singing the 1940's classic "Mairzy Doats" to Artichoke and Oliver. Wishing you some moments of play and smiles in the midst of these challenging days.

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