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Farm Stacks, Real and Imagined

Chickens on a piglet or lamb, a goose on a goat, a lamb on a border collie... the possibilities are endless! We have a lot of fun coming up with combinations, and have also delighted in customers dreaming up combinations of their own. You would think this is just a figment of our collective imagination, but we are here to let you know these farm stacks are a real thing! Behold a few photos from the Lum family farm...

First off, here's one that we find extra delightful: goats Puck and Daisy make a playgym of Mosey the cow, under Ozma the border collie's watchful eye.

The only way to make this cuter would be to add some babies. So, here's a few candid moments from this spring, where the goat kids clambor all over their longsuffering mamas (who here relates with THAT?).

I suppose this is a little bit of a digression, but how about a kid-on-kid stack? Here Lucy, Artichoke and Oliver are providing endless entertainment for each other.

Let's get back to the felted realm. A couple Holiday seasons ago, we were commissioned to felt the farm stack of all farm stacks, a custom tree-topper! It was a group effort, with all of us contributing animals (or, in Kari's case, reinforcements to keep it from getting too wobbly... no small task!).

That would be a chicken on a sheep on a goat on a pig on a donkey on a cow.... Now THAT we'd like to see in real life!

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